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How it works for Angels

Angel Wishes enables you to either fund raise for your daily needs, without going further into debt, or to become an Angel and give in small amounts more often to impact the lives of your fellow Americans and build your social legacy.

If you're looking for a quick overview of some of the features on Angel Wishes, click on any of the observations below.

1. CREATE YOUR PROFILE AND YOUR STORY: Why are you raising money and what will you do with it.

Your profile showcases your why you've created the account but keeps it short. At Angel wishes we feel that just because someone can write a better case than you doesn't mean you shouldn't have an equal chance to get the support you need.

During the creation you'll get the chance to choose between a free and a paid account, tell the world who you are, how much you are requesting what the money will be used for and what you like. Yes that's right, if you are interested in collecting dolls or enjoy NASCAR you'll be able to enter that in too. The reason we enable you to do this is that you are more than just a request, you have dreams and you have interests. And just because you may need support right now doesn't mean you have lost sight of the things you enjoy this more than anything helps Angels to give to people that share an interest.

If you're concerned about privacy, we've thought about that too. You can choose any of four different ways to display your name and your address is never shown. If you appear on a map it shows an approximation of where you live with no address details.

2. MARKET YOUR REQUEST: facebook, email and good old fashioned coffee shops and grocery stores.

We actively market to on Twitter and other social networks to encourage potential Angels to visit the site. Angels look for the reason you need help, your story, the amount, the state where you live and what you're interested in. However to increase the chances of reaching your goal you should also actively market your request. We provide you with easy to use tools to post to your facebook feed, email friends who can help but might be far away and print out flyers that you can place at local grocery stores, your church or coffee shops. In addition to this your request has a unique URL which will take people to your own donation mobile app (paid accounts only) Angels can save the app to their desktop to enable them to give to you as often as they can. Get started today by login into your account and visiting your marketing page.

3. CHECK YOUR ACCOUNT OFTEN: Find out what's happening.

Want to see where you've received funds from or see what your available balance is? Log in and check your Angel Map, try to figure out why you're getting a lot of donations from Minnesota this month!

4. WITHDRAW FUNDS TO YOUR BANK ACCOUNT: As and when you need to.

We make it easy for you to link your online account to your bank account, you can view your donation balance in one place and see how close you are to you goal.